Who is H&H Creations Tampa?

We would like to introduce ourselves; Brian is the muscle while Kristina is the brains of the operation. Okay joking aside, Brian runs the day-to-day operation. He is responsible for cutting, packaging, fulfillment, and Q&A. Kristina is the paperwork queen, other than keeping the books she is the point person for marketing.

Our small business is in Tampa, Florida. We have created our
own crafts for years. In January 2021 we purchased our first laser. When we were sourcing our own material, we noticed there was a need to support the laser community. We began offering laser blanks for purchase in April of 2021.

The difference between us and other suppliers is our attention
to detail. We take pride in the material we supply. You will notice that the product you receive will have smooth edges (free of burs), your package will not be full of sawdust, and everything is shrink wrapped in plastic.

100% Customer Satisfaction is our goal! Please reach out to
give us Feedback or if you have any questions.

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