Tuesday, April 16, 2024, is the last day to order before
we relocate to Georgia!

Tuesday, April 16, 2024, is the last day to order before we relocate to Georgia!

Please place your order by Tuesday April 16th to guarantee your purchase will ship by Thursday April 18th. This is for all in stock items and DecoCraft Prints.

Inventory Restock
On Sunday, April 21st our inventory will be restocked and available for purchase. However, orders will not begin shipping until Monday, April 29th from our Georgia Location.

Local Pick-Up Sale
Date: Saturday, April 24, 2024
Time: 10am – 2pm

What will be available at the local pick-up sale?
• Anything we have left in stock and cut off.
o DecoCraft
 Flex
 Acrylic
o Various sizes of Baltic Birch, Raw MDF, White MDF, Double Sided MDF, and much more

Please note – quantities are limited and while supplies last. We will do our best to provide updates on our group page throughout the day.
Sorry, we do not have any full sheets available for purchase during the local pick-up sale.

3/25/24 Moving Update

Moving Update- FAQs

With our move, things are transpiring rather quickly.
We have received a lot of kind words, congratulations, and warm wishes for our move to Georgia. Thank you all for your support during this hectic time. We have also received some questions that we thought would be important to share the answers with everyone.

Are we closing?
No, we are only going to close temporarily for a between April 18th through April 28th to move the final items to Georgia. During this time, you will still be able to place orders, however they will not begin shipping until Monday, April 29th.

What is the plan for inventory?We will be keeping a limited inventory of material here in Tampa. We will be updating the inventory on the website on Friday, March 29th of limited quantities of other bed sizes than our standard 11.75” x 19”. This includes our 11.75” x 19” standard bed size and all other bed sizes. Items will sell out on the website and will only be restocked if we have the material in stock in Tampa to cut down. This is only temporary since we are still shipping out of our Tampa location. We will not be restocking them until we are ready to ship them out of Georgia. Please order what you need for our transition period by Friday March 29th to ensure you get the sheet size you need until we reopen with full inventory in Georgia on Monday, April 29th.

Are we still shipping?
Yes, if there is inventory available on the website, we are shipping.

Reminder – Local Pick Up

The last day to order local pick up is today, March 25th. All pick-ups must be completed by 4:30pm on Wednesday March 27th. Local pick up is still by appointment only.

Move-a-Palooza Sale

We have sent out a few truck loads of material to our new location in Georgia. Now that we can see what we have left here in Tampa, you will see some additional inventory to the Move-a-Palooza sale. This will only be for 1/8” Baltic Birch and 1/8” Raw MDF. We will notify everyone with a Facebook Message and email. Please note we will not tag everyone every time we restock, so please check the website for availability.

H & H Creations Tampa is relocating to Jasper, Georgia

Important Announcement

With mixed emotions, we are excited to announce we are moving to Jasper, Georgia!
This is bittersweet for both Kristina and I. We have been talking about moving to Georgia in the next few years. However, we decided to move it up because of Haley. We are so proud to say she was accepted to Georgia Tech. For Early Action Admission Decisions there was only a 9.4% admit rate. They only let in 3,000 students out of 32,836 applicants. Georgia Tech is her dream school where she will be studying architecture and civil engineering. We have decided to speed up our move to help Haley save money on tuition. If we can establish residency by June, Haley only has 1 year of out of state tuition.

What does this mean for you?

We are going to have lots of sales. We are going to try to clear out some inventory, so we don’t have to pay freight to Georgia, with the first one being this Thursday 3/7 through Sunday 3/10.
We are going to be able to offer more types of materials. Being in Florida, freight was double the cost as other states because most truck drivers don’t get a load out of Florida, so we would pay for them to bring us freight and we pay for them to drive back empty, which made it cost prohibitive for us to offer some types of materials.
We are temporarily changing shipping to Monday-Thursday. This gives us Friday-Sundays to work on our great move of 2024.

Timeline for Move-A-Palooza

Monday, March 25 – Last Day to order for Local Pick Up
Wednesday, March 27 – Last Day for Local Pick Up in Tampa.
Thursday, April 18 – Last day of shipping until Monday, April 29.
Saturday, April 20 – In-Person Move-A-Palooza Moving Sale 2024 – Come to the Tampa Location to find great deals on your favorite items.
Friday, April 19 through Sunday, April 28 – No shipping, final push and move to the location in Georgia.
Monday, April 29 – Fully Transitioned to Georgia, resume Monday – Friday Shipping.

We will have local pick-up available in Georgia, however we have not ironed out all those details. We will keep you informed.

We have built some great friendships and business relationships in Tampa. We value those relationships and are going to miss our local customers dearly! As we begin the next chapter in Georgia, we look forward to the new friendships and business relationships we will build.

Products that will be discontinued:
1.) Original MDF
The original slick MDF will be discontinued. I have updated the remaining inventory on the website to reflect what is left in stock. There are several Glowforge 11.75 x 19 boxes available. The larger sizes have very limited inventory. I’ll be running a sale on the Glowforge sizes very soon. We purchased the last 2 units in Florida last year and have not been able to secure anymore in Florida. There’s an exclusivity deal with one of the distributors and they are in a stalemate with the manufacturer over pricing.

2.) Smooth White MDF. There are 8 sheets left of double-sided Smooth White MDF that I will be clearing out in the next few weeks. They are not cut up yet so I can offer them for local pickup or cut them down to Glowforge size. That is still to be determined. If anyone wants the full sheets, send me an email at Brian@hhcreationstampa.com

There are a lot of moving parts to get all this done and we are working diligently on getting pricing figured up and what sales we are going to be running. This literally all transpired in the last week. Haley was accepted back in January, and we have been trying to figure it out ever since then. Last Friday 2/23 she got her last decision from all the colleges she applied to, and we decided on GA Tech that evening. So, the wheels have been turning 100 mph ever since.